About us

Great Foundation

Got Pills? is built on the idea that the health of the individual is paramount and the dispensing of helpful information should not be impeded by a company's need (and sometimes greed) to make revenue. If you look around you will find that the vast majority of site that you rely on to provide health information make their money from advertisers, affliliates and sales of drugs or supplements. Because of this there is a likelihood for bias of information towards the products they are trying to sell or the advertisrs/affiliates that pay them.  This bias helps them make the revenue necesssary to provide a health information service to you but potentialy compromises it as well. Our initial purpose and goal is to address and change that.

Removal of Confilct of Interests

As a portal to health information we dealt with the challenge of creating a environment that yeilds information that is most helpful rather than that which is most profitable. We did this first by removing advertisers and the selling medicine and supplements altogether. What that means is that when find a good review or that a listing is in top position in a search result it's because we felt it deserved to be not becuase a company paid us to make it them visible. Removing this common revenue stream meant we had to be creative and figure out what will pay the necessary operating expenses, and from that came the Got Pills health accessories.

Related just enough...

We figured that our health accessories are related just enough to our content to promote here but distant enough not to cause the compromising of health information. Instead of pushing an advertisers pill at you when you are searching for a remedy (with not much concern for if its best for you), we just give you best information we can, and hope that occasionally you will choose us when looking for a unique, cool (shameless plug, i know ...) health accessory.  And if you would like to help out in other ways besides making a purchase, share this site with others and/or join us. We can use moderators to help keep the spam and abusers off the site. Contact Us to find out more.